About the Hodgeville Hub

Aerial view of Hodgeville in 1959. Circled area is the Hodgville High School under construction.The Hodgeville Hub is a renovated High School, originally opened in 1961. In 2003, the Hodgeville Elementary School was renovated to accommodate high school students, and the original Hodgeville High School was closed. In the spring of 2005, the High School was purchased, and it became what is known today as The Hodgeville Hub. 

The Saskatchewan flag was designed by an English teacher at the Hodgeville High School by the name of Mr. Anthony Drake. The flag was proclaimed by the Lieutenant Governor on September 22, 1969. The Saskatchewan's Flaggreen upper half represents the northern parklands and forests, while the yellow lower half represents the wheatlands. To the right of the flag is the provincial flower, the prairie lily and to the left is the Saskatchewan crest.